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About Our Faculty

The GAP School faculty is a close-knit team of dedicated professionals who are highly qualified in their subject areas.  The faculty uses a collaborative approach in meeting the individual needs of students and families. We achieve this, in part, by meeting every morning before the school day begins, and then again during the week in faculty meetings, where we discuss the ongoing status of all students. Based on teacher observations, students are acknowledged on a regular basis for individual growth, achievement, and progress.  

Robin Ahearn, CDA, CPC, CPE
Executive Director
Joined The GAP School in 2005

Valerie Butler, B.S.

Joined The GAP School in 2004

Heather Chambers, B.A.
Social Skills
Joined The GAP School in 2016

Ralph Fahnestock, M.Ed. 

Language Arts

Social Studies

Joined The GAP School in 2015

Rick Levine

Music and Movement

Joined The GAP School in 2010

Holly Becerra


Meagan McMullen


5581 Broadcast Court

Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34240