"I love being part of a learning environment based on trust, mutual respect, and emotional safety. We truly are a community of students, families, and teachers, all working together for the success of the student and the greater good of the school".  Staff member since 2005

"This is a school where everyone takes care of each other." Student- Age 11, 2015

What People Are Saying... 

"At my old school, the teachers never did anything when I told them about being bullied, but now I am at The GAP School where all the teachers care about me"- Student, age 12

"Thank you for all that you have done this year. Although my son excels in English, it is his least favorite subject and therefore more difficult to keep him engaged.  It has required more patience and understanding on your part, which you have readily provided, while also maintaining your expectations"-Parent

"I like this school because there are no bullies."  Student, Age 10

“I have learned how to communicate what I am feeling and how to solve my problems”- Student, age 15

"The teachers here are great; like regular, friendly people." Student-Age 10, 2015

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“ My teachers have helped me prepare for college and work by gaining social skills, self-esteem, and academic skills. With their kindness and support, it felt like a second home because they always encouraged me to do my best” - Graduate, Class of 2012

"The GAP School saved me.  They provide an environment where my son finally feels like he belongs; for the first time in his life, he enjoys being at school.  It feels like a family which is why I believe they have such success with their students”-

Parent of 12 year old student, 2015

5581 Broadcast Court

Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34240 

"My son struggled  to learn and socially grow while in school- until we found The GAP School. After years of searching, we found a staff that cares about the individual student, and due to their passion, my son has grown exponentially-both socially and academically. Finding the GAP School has been a blessing”- Parent

The GAP School​ 

"The teachers and student are all patient and respect my feelings." Student, Age 13 

"Our grandson has been at The GAP school for 4 years, and the changes in his behavior, personality, and outlook on life are extraordinary. Thanks to the staff at the school, he has a bright future ahead of him"- Grandparents

"This year was really good for me. It was like a reboot year and it was all made possible by your staff. This is, in my opinion, one of the best years, school-wise.  So, thank you for restarting my career and giving me a chance.  In one word, what I learned from you all is Leadership"- Former Student, age 15